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Sep 19 2016   - 
[IMPORTANT]: is going to start...
IP: | Port: 7171 | Client: PGame 8.0

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We would like to invite all of you to play on the first Brazilian 8.0 Open Tibia Server -! Check our list of features and choose the QUALITY!

- 8.0 real map
- Balanced vocations, spell damages from 8.0 has been slightly tweaked in order to enhance this.
- Shared experience!
- All major & minor quests!
- Real monster behaviors (targeting, running, walking)
- AI Bosses& real tibia raids.
- Great server stability in terms of D-dos protection, along with a completely lag-free connection.
- Cast system which will livestream your game + an automatic Cam system that will upload records to your account panel at the site!
- Antibot Client in order to keep away the botters!

Server starts on Sunday, 29/09/2016 16:00! Invite your friends and play on the most advanced open tibia server!

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